Employee Insurance

Employee Insurance

Employee Insurance

  • Employee benefits are vital to attract and keep quality employees. However, paying for them can be challenge on top of meeting payroll.

  • Elwood Benefits offers products on a voluntary basis like accident and cancer insurance. These are great policies that offer value


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Employee Incentives

Other employee benefits like life insurance, disability and long term care insurance can be a great incentive for your employees. And the amount that you contribute towards your employee’s premium may be tax-deductible for you as a business owner.

Your Employer?

What kind of employee benefits coverage does your employer offer? If the answer is not much, then we need to talk. Whether or not your boss offers them through your company or not, you can still purchase them on your own.

Cancer Insurance

Has someone you know been touched by cancer? It is a horrible disease, but more people are surviving it due to medical advancements. What a lot of people don’t survive is the financial burden of not being able to work and getting treatment.

Cancer insurance can help by providing a variety of financial benefits including a lump sum payable at first diagnosis. With about half of all Americans being diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life, cancer insurance makes a lot of sense.

Accident Insurance

Would you be able to pay your bills if you got injured and couldn’t work? Accident insurance pays you a lump sum benefit if you get hurt on or off the job. This is supplemental coverage so it pays in addition to your other insurance.