Landlords Insurance

Landlords  Insurance

Landlords  Insurance

  • Have you worked hard and saved over the years in order to final buy a rental property?

  • If so, you need a rental property insurance policy will protect your investment by knowing you can rent it out with peace of mind.


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Liability Protection

Having rental property can be a rewarding experience, but it can also expose you to legal liability. If someone gets hurt on your property, you want to make sure your landlords insurance policy has enough liability protection. Our policy offers increased limits for liability.

What if you get Sued?

If you are sued as the result of a covered loss, our policy will help cover the cost of a lawyer that will defend you and protect your assets. In an ever-increasing litigious society, this coverage is a must.

Protect Your Personal Property

Many things could damage your property including fire, burglary, vandalism and weather. Having a comprehensive rental property insurance policy will protect not only your building, but also your personal property.

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Protect Your Cash Flow

The right landlord insurance policy will pay you if you’re losing rental income due to a covered loss. Having the right cash flow on your property when the unexpected happens can mean the difference of meeting your mortgage payment every month and keeping your investment long-term.