Car Burglaries on a Rise

As you have probably read in the Peninsula Daily News article, there have been a rise in car burglaries in Port Angeles.

Things to remember….

In the event of a burglary, any damage to your vehicle will be covered under your Comprehensive Coverage. Comprehensive covers the broken glass, damage to the car from vandalism and in the event of a theft, the fair market value if the car is not recovered. All coverage is subject to your deductible.

If your personal belongings inside the car are stolen, then those items would be covered under your renters or homeowners insurance policies, also subject to deductible. It is always best to check with your insurance agent to make sure the claim makes financial sense.

The best way to deal with car burglaries is to lock your car doors, don’t leave valuables inside and be vigilant. Report all suspicious activity to the Port Angeles police department using their anonymous online tip form.

If you notice that your vehicle has been burglarized, please notify the police, and then call your Allstate Insurance Agency at 360-452-9200.