What Are The 6 ADLs of Long Term Care Insurance?

The simple daily tasks of life that you took advantage of while you were younger, now seem to be getting harder. And now that you are living alone, you start to wonder how you will get along if you can’t take care of yourself. That is where Long Term Care insurance comes in. LTC pays for support services if you can’t perform the 6 activities of daily living. So what exactly are these 6 ADLs and how do you activate a LTC policy?

The 6 Activities of Daily Living

Assistance with LTC
Assistance with LTC

The specific definitions vary from company to company, but here are the general 6 ADLs: Eating Bathing Getting dressed Using the restroomTransferring - moving in and out of bed/chair Continence - controlling your bowel or bladder functions If you can’t do 2 of these 6, you qualify for benefits under at Tax-qualified LTC insurance policy.

Cognitive Impairment

The other way you can be eligible to receive LTC benefits is if you have a cognitive impairment. An example of a cognitive impairment is Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. If you know someone that has been touched by this disease, you know very well emotional and financial challenges associated. If you would like to learn more about how Long Term Care Insurance works or if you would like to receive a quote, give me a call at 360-452-9200. You can also email me at mattelwood@allstate.com

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