Ask Your Port Angeles Insurance Agent: What is Liability Insurance?

Have you ever looked at your car insurance policy and wondered just exactly what it is you
are paying for?

Everyone knows that they are legally required to carry liability insurance. But many
people don’t really understand what that means or how it works.

In simple terms, liability insurance pays to fix damage that you cause to someone else.

On your car insurance policy, this is split into three parts. Here is an example:

Bodily Injury: 100/300
Personal Property: 50

Let’s say that this was your coverage amount and you hit another car in an accident.

Your insurance would pay up to $100,000 per person for injuries up to a total cap of
$300,000. And it would pay up to $50,000 in property damage to fix the other car.

Remember, liability only covers the person that you hit. It doesn't cover your vehicle or
anyone inside your car.

There are many different amounts of liability coverage. We work directly with our
clients to determine how much you need. This will vary based on factors like how many
assets you have, your income, and home value.

Not having enough liability insurance is one of the biggest financial mistakes you can
make! Carrying only the Washington State minimum of 25/50/10 could leave you open to a
lawsuit. Think about those cars you've seen on the road worth easily over $40,000. If
you don’t have enough property damage coverage, then you are at risk.

There is also liability coverage on your homeowners or renters insurance. It pays if
someone is injured on your property due to your negligence. One common example is a
dog bite. This is another time when it’s good to have enough liability insurance!

Hopefully this clears up any questions you have about how liability insurance works. If
you need help determining the right amount of coverage for your family, give us a call at 360-452-9200 for a no obligation review.


Matt Elwood

Matt Elwood grew up in Port Angeles, graduating from the high school before moving south to attend Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. While earning his Business Administration he secured an internship at Northwestern Mutual and started his financial career. After graduating from Pepperdine, Matt built a successful Insurance practice in Los Angeles while earning his investment licenses. After a decade of being away from family, Matt decided to move back to Port Angeles and purchase his mother’s Agency. The Helen Elwood Insurance Agency has been an established Allstate agency in Port Angeles for many years. Matt purchased the business in January 2011 and renamed it Elwood Benefits. Matt is focused on growing the business which leaves him little time for anything else. When he does take a break you’ll find him enjoying his family or out on the golf course.