Port Angeles Car Insurance Basics: What is Rental Reimbursement?

Rental reimbursement is an important part of your car insurance coverage.  Let’s discuss what it is and why you need it!

When you suffer an auto insurance claim, it’s not uncommon for your vehicle to need to go to the shop for a few days for repairs.  Even minor scratches or dings can require you to be without a vehicle for an extended period of time.

If you have multiple cars this is probably a mild inconvenience.  But if you only have one vehicle or limited access to others, then it could be a major problem.

Think about this...

If you were without a car for a week, how would you get to work?

How would you get the kids to school?

If you use public transportation to commute, what about going to the grocery store or the kid’s soccer practice?

If any of these things would be a major problem, then you need Rental Reimbursement!  This coverage pays for your rental car while your car is in the shop due to a covered claim.  

When you look at your policy, you’ll see Rental coverage listed as a “per day” coverage.  $50 per day.  $30 per day.  That is how much the insurance company will pay for that rental car, simple as that!

If you get a lower amount, but need a larger vehicle, then you’ll be responsible for the additional cost.  Let’s say you need a minivan to drive around your 4 kids, but only get enough Rental Reimbursement to cover a tiny economy car.  That additional per day cost will fall on your shoulders.

This is what we’re here for.  We’ll look at your individual situation, ask these questions, and recommend the right amount of coverage to make your life easy when those inconvenient situations occur.

Call The Elwood Benefits Agency today at 360-452-9200 to discuss your Car Insurance coverage. If you’re a current client, we’ll be happy to review your policy and let you know how much Rental coverage you currently have.

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Matt Elwood

Matt Elwood grew up in Port Angeles, graduating from the high school before moving south to attend Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. While earning his B.S.in Business Administration he secured an internship at Northwestern Mutual and started his financial career. After graduating from Pepperdine, Matt built a successful Insurance practice in Los Angeles while earning his investment licenses. After a decade of being away from family, Matt decided to move back to Port Angeles and purchase his mother’s Agency. The Helen Elwood Insurance Agency has been an established Allstate agency in Port Angeles for many years. Matt purchased the business in January 2011 and renamed it Elwood Benefits. Matt is focused on growing the business which leaves him little time for anything else. When he does take a break you’ll find him enjoying his family or out on the golf course.