Headlight Restoration… What Is It?

Have you ever driven at night and noticed that the headlights of the driver in the opposite lane is making it hard for you to see them?

Cloudy headlights are more than just a cosmetic issue, it can also pose a serious threat to one’s safety. 

Headlights can become cloudy or hazy from age. Today’s headlights are made from a polycarbonate plastic that has a UV protectant on it. But with excess UV exposure and other environmental factors such as rock chips, the UV protectant can deteriorate over time leaving your headlight lens exposed to the elements. When this happens, your lens can become hazy or cloudy reducing the effectiveness of your headlight by up to 80%. 

Want a local solution? Jason, owner of Bondy’s Glass of Port Angeles, offers headlight restoration for a $25 fee. He has also agreed to restore any Allstate Customers headlights when they come in for a Windshield Service, free of charge. 

Please call Jason Bondy at Bondy’s Glass at 360-452-6639 or visit them at 1919 E. First Street in Port Angeles, WA. 

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