Why Purchase Life Insurance Now Instead of Waiting?

Child looking back at her parent

You are finally at that point in life when life insurance is starting to be a consideration. You have a young family and a new mortgage.

Given your situation, it is reasonable to think that now is the time to buy. However, it is too easy to convince yourself to put it off.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not delay buying life insurance:

1. Life Insurance Gets More Expensive with Age

Life insurance gets more expensive with each passing year. Why not lock in a great rate now?

2. Your Health in the Future is Unknown

Health tends to decline with age and you may even become uninsurable later in life.

3. People Tend Not to Quit Smoking

Tobacco use can more than double life insurance premiums, but a lot of people make the mistake of not buying now so they can quit and get the non-smoker rates. The problem with that is people tend not to quit and you must remain nicotine free for several years.

4. Permanent Life Insurance Cash Value Compounds

Permanent life insurance policies purchased early in life can grow large cash values which can supplement your retirement income or additional savings

5. It Could Happen

The odds are against it, but what would happen if you actually did die prematurely? What would happen to your family and the house they live in? Term insurance is so inexpensive that it makes sense just to get it done.

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