Why You Need Two Umbrellas Living In Port Angeles

Two Umbrellas
Two Umbrellas

It has been said that summer doesn’t start around here until after July 4th. Too bad it only lasts through Labor Day! Living on the Olympic Peninsula, the need for a good umbrella to shield you from the rain is almost year-round. However, the need for a Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP) to shield you from lawsuits is constant.

Your nightmare

Here is the worst case scenario: It is raining out, your car skids and side-swipes an on-coming car causing an accident with a doctor and his wife aboard. The wife is killed and the doctor is hurt so badly that he will never be able to work again. A jury awards him millions of dollars and you are liable. Even though you have great limits of liability on your auto and homeowners policy of $500,000, the lawyers continue to go after your home, life savings and even garnish your future income until the full amount is paid. To protect you from one of these lawsuits, we recommend a PUP. A PUP is excess liability coverage over your current car and home policies. PUPs take care of the liability for the lawsuits and medical bills of the auto accident victim or any other situation where you become legally obligated to pay. The great thing is that PUPs also pay for the cost of lawyers and other legal expenses. Whether lawsuits are valid or not, you wind up having to defend yourself against them. In situations like these, it is great to have Allstate on your side with a Personal Umbrella Policy. There are countless examples of claims we see that reach the liability thresholds of traditional auto and homeowners insurance policies. No one is immune to these types of situations and they could happen at any time. Don’t leave yourself financially exposed.

Your Solution

Allstate offers a range of coverage amounts from $1 million increments up to a maximum limit of $5 million. They cost as low as $15 per month and that is truly money well spent. Call us today at 360-452-9200 to see if this policy might be right for you.

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Why Washington State Car Insurance Minimums Are Not Enough

Cheap car insurance can leave you broke
Cheap car insurance can leave you broke

These days, money is tight more than ever. That mounting pile of bills that stare at you each month doesn’t get any smaller. Sometimes it’s all you can do to stay current on your credit cards. The last thing you want to do is pay a lot for car insurance. However, by going with just the state minimums, you may be saving a little now, but could be paying a lot later.

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage protects you if you are in accident and it is your fault. This money goes to pay the other party’s injuries, property damage and even personal damages. In the state of Washington, the minimum limits of liability are 25/50/10. This means you have $25,000 of liability per person, $50,000 per occurrence and $10,000 in property damage.

Let’s say you get in an accident and either seriously hurt or kill someone. They could turn around and sue you. If they died, the family could seek millions in a lawsuit for damages. That $50,000 of liability coverage is not going to cut it. They can come after your personal assets and even garnish your future wages. This is why it is critical to have proper limits of liability.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Let’s turn that scenario around and let’s say you are the one seriously hurt in an accident caused by someone else, yet that other person is uninsured. Now what? Well, if you didn’t purchase uninsured motorist coverage you would be in financial trouble. There would be no money to fix your car, pay your medical bills and go after the other party.

Uninsured motorist, also underinsured motorist insurance, covers you if the other party does not have insurance and you suffer personal and property damages. This coverage is not required by the state, but you can see why it is important.

Comprehensive and Collision Car Insurance

Comp and Collision are optional coverages that protect your car. Comprehensive covers damages due to things like theft, vandalism, fire and glass. Typically, comprehensive claims are not your fault, but still cost you money. On the other hand, collision provides coverage when it is your fault like hitting another car or backing into a pole. You can save money on comp and collision by having higher deductibles so ask your agent.

Get a Full Quote

So the next time you are shopping for car insurance, think twice before going with just liability. You may be satisfying your legal requirement, but you are exposing yourself to financial hardship should the unexpected happen.

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