What To Do After An Insurance Claim In Washington State

Claims can be a stressful process.  I've worked with my clients after car accidents, home fires, storm damage, and even a death in the family.  Insurance claims are tied to the most stressful events in our lives.

That's why it's extremely important that you work with an agent and a company that you trust.

After an insurance claim, you will work with an adjustor to evaluate your loss.  Depending on the type of claim, they will examine the property and gather more information.  You will then be offered a settlement and the process will begin to restore your loss.

So what happens if things don't go smoothly at first?  Maybe you don't agree on the amount or can't get the right documentation?

That's where I come in.

My job, as your agent, is to also be your advocate.  My office goes to work to help you communicate with your adjustor if there is a problem.  That means that when you need help, we're there.

Yes, sometimes you can get cheaper rates with unknown companies.  And you might love being able to buy online without talking to an agent.

But when it comes down to those stressful moments, it's great to have someone on your side.  If you live in Washington State, call my office today at 360-452-9200 and let us protect you family next.

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Matt Elwood

Matt Elwood grew up in Port Angeles, graduating from the high school before moving south to attend Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. While earning his B.S.in Business Administration he secured an internship at Northwestern Mutual and started his financial career. After graduating from Pepperdine, Matt built a successful Insurance practice in Los Angeles while earning his investment licenses. After a decade of being away from family, Matt decided to move back to Port Angeles and purchase his mother’s Agency. The Helen Elwood Insurance Agency has been an established Allstate agency in Port Angeles for many years. Matt purchased the business in January 2011 and renamed it Elwood Benefits. Matt is focused on growing the business which leaves him little time for anything else. When he does take a break you’ll find him enjoying his family or out on the golf course.


Your Choice Auto – Affordable Car Insurance by Allstate

Your Choice Auto Car Insurance

Your Choice Auto Car Insurance

Looking for a great car insurance policy that can be tailored to fit your needs in Port Angeles, Sequim or anywhere in Washington State? Give the Elwood Benefits Allstate Agency a call. We offer Allstate’s Your Choice Auto with great features such as Safe Driving Bonus, Accident Forgiveness and Deductible Rewards.

Safe Driving Bonus

How would you like to get a check back from Allstate for being a safe driver? With our Platinum Protection Package, this gives you the opportunity to earn up to a 5% credit that can be applied to your next renewal premium. This is in addition to any other discounts you may already qualify for.

Accident Forgiveness

Accidents happen, but with Accident Forgiveness by Allstate, your car insurance rates won’t go up just because of it. Some policies make you earn this feature over time, but with Your Choice Auto, this feature is available on day one. In our Gold program, this feature can be applied to one accident every three years. In our Platinum program, multiple accidents are forgiven.

Deductible Rewards

The longer you are with an insurance company, the better your rates should be. With Allstate’s Deductible Rewards, you receive an immediate $100 off your collision deductible. Each year you go without a collision accident, another $100 will be subtracted with a maximum $500 reward off your collision deductible. It pays to be with Allstate.

Allstate Value Plan

Are you on a budget, but still want quality car insurance at an affordable rate? The Allstate Value Plan is just that with strait forward coverage and the convenience of Allstate’s Easy Pay Plan. Bundle the Allstate Value Plan with your homeowners insurance and save even more.

Ready to get a quote or learn more? Contact us at 360-452-9200 or visit www.allstate.com/mattelwood for more information.


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Port Angeles Realtor Dan Gase

Dan Gase
Dan Gase

As a local insurance agent, I like to align myself with other successful professionals in related industries in order to better serve my clients. It is important to have a great network of people that are experienced, trustworthy and proven in their fields. I know that I can confidently refer my clients and they will be handled with care.

Dan Gase

Meet Dan Gase. Mr. Gase is the former President and co-owner of Coldwell Banker Uptown Realty in Port Angeles, Washington. Dan has over 35 years of experience in many different facets of real estate including financing, construction, consulting, managing and of course, selling. Dan now specializes in the purchase and sale of Clallam County real estate.

I recently sat down with him to learn about where the opportunities currently exist in our local market. He said the biggest opportunity right now is for first time home buyers and those looking for rental investments. Given the fact that the average price for residential sales in Port Angeles in 2011 was $176,831 compared with $263,195 in 2007, makes it a true buyer’s market.

New website

Dan recently launched his new website DanGase.com. There you will find tools for buyers and sellers, featured listings, testimonials and more local information. In addition, a new Facebook page has been created to inform the public about upcoming open house events and promote properties he has on the market.


To list all the civic and professional organizations that Dan has been a part of is too much for this article so I want to highlight the one Dan is most passionate about, Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County. Dan feels they truly do great work for the community and is actively involved. If you would like to learn more, please visit www.vhocc.org

Bottom line is if you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Clallam County, check with Dan Gase and you will be glad you did. Of course, when you buy that new home from Dan, one of the many things you will need when is great Homeowners insurance so please remember to contact me for a quote.

Knowledge is power

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Auto Insurance Discounts For Families

Save on your insurance by bundling!
Save on your insurance by bundling!

Are you looking for ways to save money on your family budget? Car insurance discounts are a great place to start. There are several discounts available, but here are 3 great ones for your family to take advantage of if you are not already.

Multiple Policy Discount

You have probably heard it a thousand times on television or radio, but bundling your insurance policies with one company can save you a lot of money. The multiple policy discount is recognized by having your auto insurance along with your homeowners insurance, renters insurance or condo insurance policy together. You can save several hundred dollars a year by doing this.

Auto and Life Discount

Allstate recently announced their new Auto/Life discount in the state of Washington for their preferred auto line. By having your life insurance with Allstate and/or Lincoln Benefit Life, you can receive a 2.5% discount on the next renewal of your auto insurance. Hey, it all adds up!

Good Student Discount

Do you have kids in high school or college? If so, it pays for them to have good grades. If your student is under the age of 25, a full-time student, unmarried with a grade average of B or better or in the top 20% if their class, you qualify for a discount on your auto insurance. The amount of the discount depends on what policy and coverage you have so check with your local agent.

These are just a few of the discounts available on your auto insurance. Next time you speak with your agent, make sure you are getting all the possible discounts you qualify for. If you would like a free car insurance quote along with a review of your discounts, please contact me at 360-452-9200

Want more information? Please visit my official Allstate Agency Website to get more information on the Allstate products and services I can offer in Port Angeles, Sequim or anywhere Washington State.